Expert Approach, Methodology and Process

The p5 solution platform is based on our IADIM methodology. p5 begins the in depth discovery and identification of suitable solutions by meeting with you and your key stakeholders to gain a complete understanding of your current business cost model. Together, we define your business requirements so we can work with you to establish the best way forward.

We then examine your cost model, map the discovery analysis to the p5 strategy disciplines and using our vast benchmarking capabilities, assess and present market leading initiatives. Collaboratively, we create an innovative, customised solution and continue to work with you to execute the implementation strategy, drive cost savings and maximise operational efficiency.

p5’s strategies are built around long term sustainability, with solution measurement and refinement crucial to providing enhanced improvements to the ever changing cost marketplace. We strive to keep you at the forefront of operational excellence. Contact one of our solution architects today to redefine your cost management structure and drive business efficiency and competitive advantage.

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