Payment Strategy and Optimisation

Cheap Cbd Oil Paypal Senior financial executives are often faced with the burden of accounts payable and transactional administration issues. p5 alleviates this burden, allowing the control of a secure, intelligent transaction process, enabling accurate bank reconciliation and optimised payment terms whilst eliminating fraudulent behaviour. The following p5 payment disciplines ensure that administration costs and risk are minimised and organisations receive the optimum in payment discounts:


Buying Cannabis Oil Online p5 ensures that your payment cards and storage are PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant. We also offer expertise around tokenisation, SSL certificates, encryption and data security.

Reconciliation p5 allows you to maximise your accounts payable process, providing solutions around the most efficient way to reconcile contracts to purchase orders, invoices, goods receipt and payment gateway and bank statement information. This results in an accurate, timely and cost effective reconciliation matching process.

Goods Receipting In the vast majority of instances, goods and services that are ordered and delivered are rarely receipted with accuracy, if at all. P5 gives you the ability to optimise goods and services receipting with purchase order and delivery monitoring to ensure you have full visibility of your order status and that what you have ordered, is what you have received and at the contracted price.

Fraud Detection p5 assists you to implement the correct business process and governance rules so that, in conjunction with our monitoring and indicator tools, real time detection can eliminate any instances of deceit both internally and outside of your organisation.

Payment Discounts Do you currently negotiate supplier payment discounts? Payment discounts can have a major impact on company cashflow. Using our payments expertise, p5 will enable you to get the most out of your early settlement discounts and look at ways to maximise cashflow through accumulation, forward dating, consignment and promotional strategies.

For more information about p5 payments solutions, contact one of our solution architects today.