Performance Strategy and Optimisation In the modern business world, we are equipped with more data than ever before. However, large amounts of information are no longer sufficient in order to stay ahead of our competitors. We require fast and accessible succinct knowledge- condensed strategic information that can be used for immediate and effective decision making.

p5 looks at your information framework and designs solutions around the following disciplines to maximise information effectiveness:

Business Intelligence p5’s BI solutions enable you to access a higher level of information on demand that is critical to decision making. We understand that information needs to be assembled from all over the business, not just a particular department. Using business modelling and data analytics, we work with you to build an information framework that maximises efficient, informed and calculated decisions, increasing productivity and competitive advantage.

Supplier Management

By establishing efficient supplier performance protocols and monitoring, p5 is able to ensure that risk is minimised and compliance is guaranteed on all supplier contracts and supply.

Our supplier management framework also allows us to manage multi-supplier panels and work with suppliers to collaboratively enable succinct supply chain efficiency. Suppliers need to be assessed for risk, quality and performance and p5 can provide the tools to ensure you get the most out of your supplier contracts.

Benchmarking We understand that organisations need to differentiate themselves in order to gain a competitive advantage. By analysing your total cost management model, p5 provides best in class guidance on internal comparisons within your organisation and how your organisation compares to your competition so that you can gain that elusive edge.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

The empowerment of our knowledge is the key to your success. Our solutions are developed so that individuals are entrusted with concise and pragmatic ‘best practice’ information. We provide online, onsite and remote training to staff across all categories and can engage in individual or group format, working through live case studies of how their spend decisions impact the organisation’s profitability.

Change Management While change is essential to the growth and success of all businesses, one of, if not the most challenging task that a business can undertake, is change.

Buy Cbd Oil Cheap The role of successful change management throughout the transition process can be the difference between success and failure. Collaboratively, we look to implement a change management plan that completely involves your organisation and its individuals, thereby ensuring a united organisation throughout the best practice change journey.

Buy Hemp Oil Canada Contact one of our solutions architects today to improve your information management and increase your organisations knowledge of cost efficiency.