Policy Strategy and Optimisation

When devising your company cost strategy, it is important to understand an organisation’s spend culture prior to implementing policy change. Without a thorough understanding of your resources and spend habits, the take up of reengineered policy can often lack traction.


https://www.environmentalhealthproject.org/ps04dxwwok p5 analyses the following disciplines when evaluating and designing your bespoke policy framework:


Policy Management

http://champspublichealth.com/3mh42ty23 We collaboratively work with you to analyse current policies and develop new policies that empower your staff as individuals to make the correct purchasing decisions.
p5’s policy solutions are designed to restrict spend, reduce risk and ensure policy governance and probity across your organisation.


Risk Management

p5 allows you to mitigate and manage risk, providing a governance and integrity structure around contracts and supplier risk and operational, liquidity and product risk. This gives you the comfort and protection of knowing that if something is to go wrong, you have the plan in place to remediate immediately.

Corporate Governance

With the ever increasing focus on corporate governance, p5 offers senior executives the relief of knowing that legal and regulatory undertakings are being adhered to and that there is full disclosure and transparency around all company spend, authorisation and payments.

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Behavioural Economics

http://www.cancercareinc.org/bc480f88fpz p5 analyses the social, cognitive and emotional factors affecting the purchase of a product or service. It is extremely important to take the economic decision making of individuals into consideration in order to maximise policy compliance and allow a smooth policy change transition.

By understanding the mindset of individuals, you are able to put a structure in place that can drive the correct behaviour.

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Duty of Care

Following a strategic risk assessment, p5 can determine whether current policies and procedures affecting your staff, contractors and clients are sufficient. Legislation requires a level of accountability with regard to duty of care and we are able to provide communication, education and training to ensure that you meet requirements and mitigate any legal issues.


http://maketodayhappy.co.uk/7pp0xazru For more information about p5 spend behaviour and policy change solutions, contact one of our solution architects today.