Price Strategy and Optimisation

Experts in cost reduction and analysis, p5 is your company’s procurement solution At p5, we realise the value of successful strategic sourcing. There are 3 critical factors required in establishing optimised spend management. The first step is discovery. Discovery enables visibility across all contracts and spend data. Strategic negotiation is then undertaken to ensure the contracts maximise pricing structures, customer value, risk mitigation and supplier performance. Once completed, spend data is continually managed to refine pricing, supply chain efficiency and measure supplier obligation. Working to achieve successful expenditure reduction across your organisation, p5 can assist with garnering greater visibility around these key strategic sourcing disciplines:

Contract Management Contracts are an integral part of any organisations operation and should be created to maximise value and efficiency as well as reduce risk. At p5, we realise the importance of this and provide solutions around contract negotiation, contract lifecycle procedure, low cost country sourcing (LCCS), contract administration and contract compliance.

Demand Management Using historical data and our supply chain expertise, p5 is able to construct meaningful usage data that enables your organisation to manage demand and ensure just in time delivery of products is achieved.

Supply Forecasting With the assistance of demand analysis, economic indicators, cyclical information and forecasting algorithms, p5 can produce supply forecasting data ensuring that your inventory management is optimised resulting in less stock, cashflow visibility and more effective promotions and discount leverage.

Tender Management Tenders form the basis of contracts. It is essential that you look at demand management and establish that your structure ensures you’re tendering to the correct parties for appropriate goods and services, that probity is followed and that the outcome is one that provides you with the most viable and effective KPI outcomes.

p5 also offers a tender evaluation service for added convenience.

Spend Management

p5 can assist your organisation in gaining a greater understanding of the who, what, why, how and when of your spending, and put systems in place to allow you to control your spend by restricting unauthorised or superfluous purchases.

The experts in strategic sourcing solutions across Australia p5 is the expert in developing strategic sourcing structures to support large capital expenditure projects and offers superior cost management advice to senior managers and government officials. Order Cbd Isolate Uk Trust p5 for all your strategic sourcing, contract management and cost reduction needs.
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