How Are We Different To Commercial Real Estate Agents? We realise that trying to find the right property and fitout provider can be a confusing and time consuming task. Where do you start? This is where p5 can help. p5 works with you to understand and evaluate your current circumstances, establishing an insight into your company culture, business requirements and pain points through the formulation of a needs analysis. We are more than just a commercial real estate agency. We provide commercial property solutions designed to help you improve the bottom line of your business. Utilising the findings from our needs analysis, we will work with you to develop a feasibility study that encompasses everything from real estate selection through to construction and coordination of the physical relocation. We can project manage the entire property and construction process and using our cost reduction expertise, get you the most cost effective outcome including the sourcing of fitout materials from established overseas contacts.

Cannabis Oil Buy Uk We are independent and have access to the same portfolio of properties that your agent would provide you, allowing us to negotiate the best terms on your lease and fitout across multiple commercial real estate agents and builders.

The seven stage commercial property lifecycle Upon your initial enquiry with one of p5’s commercial property and construction specialists, we’ll define where you are on the ‘seven stage property lifecycle’. This will determine the approach we take to providing an innovative property solution that will improve your bottom line.

I need to…. 1) Stay in my current location, but want to benchmark my current property costs against similar businesses in my area and renegotiate my current property costs to save me money and create value. Your p5 commercial property and construction specialist can benchmark your property costs against other properties in your area. We then look at all of your property costs, renegotiate existing agreements and negotiate new contracts on your behalf, providing guidance as to how best leverage these contracts to improve your operational efficiency. Cheap Cbd Gum Online 2) Assess whether I should stay in my current location or find a new business real estate location After establishing your property requirements, your p5 commercial property and construction specialist can provide a needs analysis and feasibility study which will give you a firm understanding of the path you should take. Once we agree on the most suitable approach, we then look at the right commercial property for you and negotiate the best terms on your behalf. Buy Cbd Oil 0.5 3) Stay in my current location but reconfigure my current premises to maximise operational efficiency, freshen up the space and reduce costs Your p5 property and construction specialist will collaborate with you to establish a framework that maximises your current workplace floor plan, allowing you to get more value for money out of your current lease and reduce any wastage of floor space. We can coordinate the building works tender process, manage your chosen builder and ensure that any works are completed on time and on budget.

How To Buy Hemp 4) Move to new location and determine what property and location is best suited to my needs Working together with you, p5 can assess the location of your customers, staff and competitors. Following an agreed area for location, our commercial property experts then identify the relevant properties that fit your requirements and negotiate the best terms on your behalf. 5) Move and design my new premises to maximise operational efficiency and reduce costs

In conjunction with your p5 property agent, we can design a floor layout that will both suit the needs of your business and fit your budget. We are experts in maximising floor space efficiency, workstations, furniture and designing your space to minimise building costs.

6) Build and fitout my future premises

Starting with the tender process, your p5 property and construction specialist can be responsible for putting the tender together, analysing responses, setting up the build contract and completing any legislative requirements. We can manage the construction process and ensure that it is completed on time and on budget with no variations. We also have access to international workstation and furniture manufacturers meaning that you can buy direct from manufacturers and save additional money. 7) Physically relocate

p5 business real estate and construction specialists can assist with the project management of your move. We’ll oversee everything from IT, telephony and the actual move on the day. We understand that a relocation can be a daunting experience for you and your staff but we will take control of everything and let you get on with what you do best – running your business.

Improve your bottom line with p5 Property Solutions

When it comes to evaluating your present and future business real estate needs, and how those needs will affect your costs and profit margins, p5 has the experience to deliver the results you need. As an independent consultancy firm, our agents will help you reduce your financial risk and increase your profit margins.

We ensure that you have a clear and comprehensive understanding of costs implications and opportunities. We have access to global workstation and furniture manufacturers which means that we can offer industry leading pricing and our property and construction specialists are not paid commissions by building owners, commercial real estate agents or construction companies.

You’ll save money and benefit from only needing to deal with just the one p5 commercial property specialist throughout the entire relocation process, from the initial location analysis through to the move on the day. So for commercial real estate services that benefit your business, contact p5 today.