Corporate Travel and Expense Management

Effective cost reduction services Today’s senior executives realise that corporate travel management costs are high on the operational spend agenda. Often, the lack of decision making data available to these executives, even through the enlistment of professional travel agents, means that savings are missed and efficiency is lacking.

Using our p5 strategies, p5 is able to rapidly reduce your total travel expenses and provide effective business travel solutions that work for you.

How do our corporate travel services work?

  1. We start by analysing your existing data and benchmark your financials against industry standards, to design a global, best in class corporate travel management solution. By mapping your data to the p5 strategy disciplines, we are able to evaluate travel spend patterns and design, implement and track policy and process compliance.
  2. We then give you an understanding of how and why your staff travel, and work with you to establish Information Management and Knowledge Transfer strategies to ensure staff members are aware of over spend implications and educated on how to make the right decisions when creating a travel checklist.
  3. Working with our p5 IT and telecommunication experts, we are also able to present solutions that are considerations for alternatives to travel, at appropriate times.
  4. By utilising our strategic sourcing expertise, we are able to negotiate airline, hotel and other travel expense related cost reduction and design innovative billing, rebate and dash boarding solutions. Cbd Oil Utah Buy Contact p5 today to reduce your travel and expense management costs and optimise your operational efficiency!