About p5

http://champspublichealth.com/zrjyxq8r “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

http://maketodayhappy.co.uk/srab9usru Marcel Proust (French Novelist and Author, 1871-1922)

Why choose p5

p5 is a leading provider of cost reduction and business efficiency solutions across Australia. Using our p5 IADIM solution methodology we provide total cost management solutions. Our team of 10 specialist and over 60 sub spend category experts work closely with your organisation every step of the way, from in depth needs analysis through to solution implementation and ongoing measurement.

http://www.anrc-uk.com/758nw30b7 We benchmark your costs against your competition and manage your business transformation process to guide you through the best practice journey.


http://ozdare.com/ii8huiw6t Our tailored solutions are based around the p5 Strategy disciplines:

Price Strategy and Optimisation

https://wildworldofanimals.org/pldqgvq24e We analyse your total spend, revise and negotiate contracts and implement a contract management structure, providing cost reduction strategies and rapidly reducing spend.

Process Strategy and Optimisation

http://www.anrc-uk.com/wu8tt5lj98x We analyse your business operational processes and provide process reengineering solutions that increase productivity and reduce inefficiency and waste.

Policy Strategy and Optimisation

https://www.sdepa.fr/non-classe/9kci7852p We analyse your staff spend policies and assist you in developing a stringent policy framework that provides spend boundaries for staff and further reduces cost.

Performance Strategy and Optimisation

We analyse how your spend data is presented to your company and design succinct information management solutions to allow for immediate decision making and give staff an understanding of the implications of over spend on your organisations bottom line.

Payments Strategy and Optimisation

We establish a secure, intelligent transaction process, enabling accurate bank reconciliation and optimised payment terms whilst eliminating fraudulent behaviour.

Together these strategies deliver both rapid and long term sustainable value for your business.
Our result driven solutions reduce risk, gain competitive advantage, improve working capital and deliver demonstrable, tangible and measureable outcomes.


http://santondownham.org/y2okbwi Our unique approach is articulated in our values:

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Courage
  • Passion
  • Responsibility – to customers, our team, society and the environment

How To Buy Hemp These values define the way we work- they create and sustain long term relationships based on trust and collaboration.

Optimise your company’s performance and create operational excellence by speaking to one of our experienced solution architects today.